Health and Safety

Updated guidelines for guests (May 2021)

In response to COVID-19, we’ve updated our health and safety procedures.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update these policies accordingly.

Please remember that your safety is, and always has been, our number one priority. We will not operate your journey if we are aware of any risks to that. Customization is also our specialty. If there is anything we can do to make you feel more at ease when traveling, please don’t hesitate to let your travel designer know.

Health and Safety

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Additional training: Our team practices social distancing outside of working hours and every staff member has received additional training on identifying risk factors and symptoms linked to COVID-19. Your guide will adjust your itinerary to avoid anywhere that is crowded and if you feel unwell, they will quickly escort you to the nearest hospital.

China’s green health code: Prior to every journey, we will ensure that any WildChina team members you’ll meet along the way holds a green health code from the Chinese government. This code is official notice that a person has not been to an area of high COVID-19 risk in the past 14 days and is not showing any symptoms of the virus. In addition to this, we will hold a briefing with each guide and ensure they have been fever-free for 4 weeks prior to the travel date.

Face masks and hand sanitizer: Even with a green health code, all of our staff will wear a face mask for the duration of your journey – even if they are not in an area or province that requires it. This is for your safety and theirs. They will carry hand sanitizer that is at least 65% alcohol proof and regularly wash their hands using soap and water

Hotels and Restaurants

Operational requirements: In order to resume operations, hotels and restaurants in China are required to meet government requirements for COVID-19 health and safety. This includes checking the temperature of guests, restricting access to facilities such as the gym or swimming pool, and often asking to see a guest’s green health code upon check-in. We’ll inform you of the specific regulations for each hotel you’ll be staying in.

WildChina audits: Beyond the government requirements, we will also personally audit each hotel and restaurant that you’ll be visiting to ensure our standards are met and that we, and you, know exactly what to expect.

WildChina’s guests

Face masks and the green health code: Different sites and regions of China currently have different health and safety requirements. Some areas require that you wear a face mask outside at all times and some don’t. We will let you know in advance what the restrictions are for where you’re going. We encourage all of our guests to wear a face mask whenever possible and we will have face masks and hand sanitizer available for you. We’ll also add additional bathroom stops into your itinerary so that you can regularly wash your hands.

A province or city-specific green health code is currently required for domestic travel. Your travel designer will talk you through the details of this process. Please note that certain sites are also requiring clear COVID-19 test results in order for you to enter. We’ll also let you know if you’re planning to visit anywhere where this is a requirement.

If you feel unwell, let us know: If you feel unwell at any point of your journey, please let us know. We’ll quickly escort you to a local hospital so that you can receive the appropriate medical care.

Flexibility and patience: Things might need to change quickly on-trip and certain things will take more time. We’ll arrange for you to arrive at an airport earlier than normal for any additional health checks required and, if the COVID-19 risk level of a destination or site on your itinerary is changed to high, we’ll work with you to immediately adjust your itinerary.